Painting interiors and facades

Artistic interior painting, facades, floors, wall, ceiling, furniture.

wall painting, ceiling, floors, doors, stairs by airbrushing, graffiti, asseko, sgrafitto, fresco and tempera painting, in modern technology photorealism, classical – Florentine painting, different nationalities and cultures, religious painting. Relevant mixed technique of decorating and creating works in the interior, on various materials: thread – engraving, pyrography, relief-chasing, collage, decoupage – inlay, print, stamping, pressing, emulsion. The application of special paints – pigments chameleon – nacre, Glow in the dark paint, only glowing under UV light, gilding – silvering, vkraplenie častiček glitter. Combination with Venetian plaster and decorative, the effect of antiquity -patina. The ability to glow in the dark mural, relief painting. Religious paintings and painted temples.

Most often used acrylic paint for walls and facades, Do not flush, wear, resistant to many thermal and mechanical stress. Often art painting is done as a decoration of a private house with a view of beauty and overall style. Alternatively, for commercial purposes, or to advertise the same corporate design - but for legal entities, creating an atmosphere, moods. The painting as a means of expression of a professional customer hands, communications, as an alternative to design all kinds of other means and methods, to achieve the desired effect viewers delight, comfort, puzzles, spiritual or intellectual pleasure. for example, painting can replace the standard repair: wallpaper, carpets, tile, plaster, panel, tree, as the visual effects, and by mounting speed – creation. But the most important thing, often economically advantageous to do list, albeit simple drawing is not the Sistine Chapel (although it can make) – but it will be a real piece of handmade one-off.