Conditions of work process

Terms of any creative work:

  • Creative work - it does not work copy machine, a unique manual labor, for which he is appreciated.
  • Customer must not forget to bring the author of all the mandatory requirements, all unaccounted for will be at the discretion of the author.
  • If the customer, approved sketch, where he wanted to figure tiger, but then he changed his mind on the crocodile, while work is already done, it will already be a new job. correcting, adjustment may be subject to only a small part of the work, in this case does not contradict the initial assignment, sketch.
  • It makes no sense to restrict the creator to strict requirements, Specialist has the right to the place of improvisation, but without departing from the sketch, the initial job. The author knows how it will look better, he must trust, unless the problems is not necessary to make an identical copy.
  • The author and the company, it makes no sense to do poor quality work, because they value their reputation, are interested in the long term, and long-term cooperation.

workflow, steps: customer-dealer-author:

  • Sketch of the project – 100% prepayment, are schematic diagrams 20-50 visual suggestions 7-20 thousand. rub. Depending on the specific blur or technical specifications and other requirements to sketches. If the customer already has a finished sketch, the photo, those. the task, or if you want to make a copy, the part of the sketch is not required, and estimates will be drawn up shortly after treatment.
  • Further, most of the work, after the approval and selection of sketches, advance payment for materials, usually this 10%-20% from the sum.
  • Full payment for work on the fact of delivery and reception of works, or payment in installments, as well as delivery of several large-scale works by agreement.
  • Other options work and pay: credit form of payment, payment by installments; barter for netting and interest; lease on behalf of a third party;
  • Manufacturing services, the product may be on the artist areas, dealer, customer, third party (rental term of the project). Depending on the particular order, opportunity, applicable technologies, feasibility.
  • traveling expenses, accommodation and food, travel expenses to another region or country have a separate cost estimate, are not in operation, if the order required.

It is important to customers as regards work on your 2D and 3D design:

  • In any job on making the design must be clear terms of reference, all that was not negotiated, there was no significant – considered at the discretion of the designer.
  • Any adjustment, which is contrary to the original requirements specification is considered to be a new job, which is not free.
  • skilled, its recommendations, taste, His knowledge and experience in the layout, tsvetosochetaniyam, accents in design and other elements- better to trust, Otherwise, why turn to experts in their field?
  • Any adjustment has its measure and limit, namely, changes may be subject to very small layout elements, small color correction, font size, and the like are not significant.
  • Even small adjustments can sometimes be technically more difficult, you can create a new layout, although the customer may not competent to think, that everything is done quickly and easily.
  • Before the creation of the main work is done a number of sketches, proposals, to clarify the objectives of the customer and understanding of these problems performer, especially when the customer does not know what he wants.
  • Sketch, scheme and technical creative work plan, often at the level of conception, composition of the main figures, objects.
  • Development of sketches – 100% prepaid, after selection 30-40% prepaid, upon acceptance by the customer of works – the rest of the payment.
  • Development ideas, project part – also work, albeit not material, over it sometimes works a whole group of people a few days, and it should be understood.
  • It can not be free to take ideas, sketches, proposals and take them to another studio in order to save the expense of someone else's intellectual work free, all work must be paid.
  • The designer has a taste, experience and knowledge: art, from the field of psychology and marketing, PR, advertising and other. Its recommendations take into account these aspects of beauty and optimal design.
  • Designers need to help as much as possible with the material, if any, provide all the information, which relates to a layout, logo, if there is, texts, contacts…