Advantages in cooperation:

  • Extend your service, additional income, professional services, increase image.
  • Dealer, distributor, representation and other forms of cooperation, including artist of direct recruitment for the project. Either the presence of the range of services, no one loses, because there is no cost for the purchase or production of, realization of the finished product. All services are, made to order, payment after acceptance of the final product. No customer, any manufacturer, neither the author Specialist – No one has nothing to lose, even in the case of a negative, maximum – just makes, if the case of force majeure or completed orders not accepted, that in my practice has not yet happened. the author is risking his job Only – work, time spent, if the work is for any reason not accepted.
  • Competitive advantages of your company due to the presence of unique new services. The new positioning, the ability to use sales promotions, where the value of the painting is put in the general merchandise in advance, for example in the construction industry.
  • The versatility of the additional services. painting, decor aesthetics, individuality, gift, style, souvenir, advertisement, communications.
  • Method of alternatives in the price, flexible prices relative to the complexity of the product. Figure another and clearance can be complicated and expensive, but, Nevertheless, be stylish and to be a masterpiece. You can make a simple one-color drawing of a masterpiece, fit to work under the customer's budget.
  • Luxury services, high quality, guarantees, the value of skilled manual labor, work on time.
  • Work without intermediaries, willingness to work under an employment contract, contract, Copyright treaty, order, work contract or paid provision of services, including cooperation on behalf of the legal. persons with legal. face. Payment for work on the completion of each project. The interest of both sides in the long-term beneficial cooperation and third party – the client in the performance of the desired product.
  • The ability to partner formally only be an agent in the process of the whole transaction, if necessary (Dealer gets his percentage of the transaction, assuming the role of an agent), rather than face manufacturer – Representative of these services, regardless of region and country.
  • The author can not know the final cost of the project, and not even see the customer, because the customer dealer acts for him, all processes through.
  • The author may negotiate directly with the customer, if required by the specific feature of the project, and it can completely take into account an estimate of all the components of interest, Payment in any case can go through the dealer.
  • Different forms of cooperation and labor relations, different forms of production and management as a whole, prices and technology flexibility.
  • Reverse order - offers from Seller, ready-made projects, typical designs, act as an offer from the already known price.
  • Own equipment, ease of transport, fulfilling any order in any country.
  • teleworking, communication via web conference, sketching – statement.
  • Marketing Strategy and Communications could be different, depending on the budget and goals. Advertisement can be sent to different segments, As a direct customer, and related persons – channels in adjacent areas of activity. For example in the painting of the facade, the interior, as well as reliefs -dekor, sculpture and paintings – sphere is closely related to building- finishing companies, architectural studios, foremen, The shop sells everything for the interior and repair, including furniture. Airbrushing transport as an area, is connected with companies that produce, sell, Tuning, repairing the vehicles or hydrochloric : be it a car, motto, air, cargo, railway, water. Companies who are interested in unique corporate advertising, or just drawings for private owners, may be interested in, in addition to transport any of these types of art, such as painting and relief to individual style, of advertising. any, information – intelligence, come down to the person-channel-representative – art, It can be useful even at the level of the simple possibility of creating such a product.
  • Creating a creative product and conditions, beneficial to all three parties, and without risky forms of relationships (payment in installments, or payment on completion of work on the fact), allow to work formally or not, on a work visa or without, between legal. officials, or as ordinary employment of the specific project and the term.
  • Many works, They can be made remotely, and then sent through the mail or shipping company – the same picture to order, not large size sculpture, the entire computer design – is sent via the Internet, and also as regards the programming of web sites and animations.
  • Dealer in another city – country, as the author – manufacturer of the most interesting to get a few orders and carry wholesale – per trip, or one large, that was more than justified sense of arrival – living masters or crews.

Labor relations:

  • Registration of the contract "Provision of services", under an employment contract, contract, workbook and other forms of cooperation.
  • Your company, an individual or group of individuals is an agent - broker, all works are in my areas or other areas of the other companies.
  • Your company is a dealer of, artistic and other services approved regulations and guidance.
  • Your company is an advertising platform, the percentage of reward orders made us a recommendation of our services, formalities are not required.
  • These schemes of work are the same: local, the regional, federal, international levels.

Scheme of work:

  1. sketch of the 100% prepayment, necessary step, as support for the determination of the customer.
  2. Most of the work, after the approval of sketches, advance payment for materials.
  3. Full payment for work on the fact of acceptance of works.

Other options work together, depending on the policy of the enterprise and other circumstances:

  • Payment immediately 100%
  • 100% Payment for all services at the end of; including sketches, Materials on the fact of delivery- Acceptance of all work.
  • Pay as you do the work, at the end of each part of the project.
  • Prepayments 50% before work and rest 50% – after work.
  • Daily payments – with respect to the entire period of the project and the amount of.
  • Credit payment form, payment by installments.
  • Barter - the mutual interest of the calculation and.

Implementation services:

  • The work is conducted in the dealer area.
  • The work is singer-songwriter Square.
  • The work is conducted in the customer area.
  • The work is conducted on the fourth side of the square.

The objectives and functions of painting, sculpture, in today's world of design:

  • communication and presentation tool,
  • self-expression of personality,
  • advertising and information,
  • cultural and aesthetic,
  • ideological and informational (advertising, education),
  • psychological,
  • security (aerography),
  • recreation, the role of the scenery,
  • economic and historical,
  • social, and other religious function.
  • function gift and souvenir.
  • religious and symbolic function of art.