Reliefs and sculpture


Classic and modern stories, relʹefy and stucco, copy and restoration of facades and architectural moldings. Sculpture, relief, low relief, high relief, dynamic sculpture: mechanical, light, advertising, install. Any difficulty, scale, quantity, terms, installation.

More – kinds of sculptures: round (a statue, Group, statuette, bust), relief, low relief. Monumental sculpture (monument, monument), monumental - decorative (atlantes, kariatidы, balconies, ornament, friezes, Gabled sculpture, fountain, garden - park). methods: modeling, carving, casting, forging, stamping, thread, gluing together, papier mache, collage, stamp, welding, weaving, lathe- locksmith- milling work in sculpture. Use material in sculptural works: tree, clay, modelin – plasticine, gypsum, Concrete, a rock (marble, granite), metal (bronze, steel), glass, Porcelain and Ceramics, plastic and fiberglass, polymers, carbon.

Relief, low relief, high relief

We offer services for the creation of various reliefs, of any complexity and size, different thickness, volume of the mold, protrusion or recess, modeling techniques, thread, coinage, casting, punching depending on the materials and problems.

Relief can be fashioned directly on the wall, ceiling, columns, furniture, equipment and other facilities and products, including any transport: cars- motto- Searching- water and railway. The relief may be in an insert, that is, to create a separate modular panels, which will be mounted on the object, wall, etc..

Sculpture and relief can be made for earlier of plastic materials, clay e.g., plasticine, modelina and other, then transferred with the help of the cast – form with this model in another model, poured into this form of different metal castings (bronze, copper, brass), artificial marble, stone, fiberglass, composite, Carboniferous, gypsum, glass and other material. The relief composition can be inscribed and style residential or office interior or facade in any category, plot and genre, and may be as exclusive advertising.

Relief, It can be inexpensive, but also stylish and evoke emotion and admiration from the audience. The price depends on the complexity of, engineering and detail (study of all the elements) sculpture, and the number of the main figures, the size of the whole work. The work may be a thumbnail, etude, abstract shapes, style hogging – punching, point modeling technique, long-term work with polishing, with large or small study of small details. All basically solved directly from the customer's own problems, the chosen style, budget, overall dimensions, final materials – respectively and Technology.

One and the same statue, the same size, fashioned in clay and then cast in plaster, a metal, or carved from natural stone or solid wood – It has a completely different price, a different principle of creating, milestones, labor costs, Cost of materials, technologies.

Relief, family coat of arms, optical illusions, themed inserts, highly compatible, combined with decorative (relief and Venetian) plaster in the general interior style, as a general exclusive design. The relief can be as an independent work and as a picture in total harmony with other interior elements, furnishings. Relief integrates with mosaic, decorative plaster, artistic painting and paintings, artistic lighting, sculpture, all of which may be common in the entire system – compositions. Decorative panel, as well as any individual work, eg, picture in frame, in the same vein can be convex pattern-relief, a monochrome, and painted (ease of installation and mobility). With the original relief can make a copy and not one, also be transferred from one material to another, while maintaining the entire three-dimensional geometry and parts.

Commercial relief, as advertising - mountable panels, optical illusions, as an ad unit on the facade, interior, and other architectural elements, doors, stairs, ceiling.