Art painting transport: cars- motto- Searching- water- of railway.

Art Car painted, motorcycles, yacht, boats, aircraft, railway transport, interior elements and other vehicle attributes, snowboards by airbrushing, graffiti or mixed technique. The possibility of using luminous paint in the dark, paints chameleon.

car painting is often done to acquire and to emphasize your personal style, form. Similarly tuning, Beauty and self-expression, for the purpose of advertising and corporate identity, as an alternative to the anti-theft system and the economy of Hull, in order to present, exhibitions and presentations, scenery in the show, media, sports and other events.

workflow, steps:

  • create a sketch
  • prepayment on the design of the 100%
  • the customer selects one of the thumbnails
  • the estimate of
  • advance payment for materials
  • Transportation is left in STR – decor, custom outfit
  • performed surface preparation – Matting the top coat of varnish, masking elements are not prone to color
  • drawing application – aerography
  • customer acceptance of this stage
  • varnishing – drying, assembly, polish
  • acceptance of goods – Payment of all works (transmission of required reports on demand).

In today's world of airbrushing technology it has gained popularity in the form of drawings in the interior and on the car. Plots can be any: like optical illusions, and animal, flowers, ornaments and design, which emphasizes the shape of the object, abstraction, battle scenes and other dynamic theme. Airbrushing as reception, is not used indirectly in painting vehicles because, that the paint layer remains as smooth, as it was to figure, because the spray paint very small thickness, therefore, no additional relief. The airbrush can be used brush, sponge, stencils, but the layer must have a minimum – in the case of the machine, and similar requirements to the final surface of other objects, need to varnish easily cover all transitions form, Further easy to polish. The airbrushing on the wall, requirements canvas easier, and allowed freer technique and combining with pasty materials. But in fact, We have the technology, who can afford and pencil drawing, watercolor directly on the car. There is also the possibility of applying special paints – pigments chameleon – changes color depending on the angle of view, lighting, temperature. Gilding, patinated, nacre, vkraplenie glitter, and inlaid with crystals – as an additional way to decor, tuning transport. Drawing can be washed, it resistant, resistant to mechanical and other deformations – quality protective same, like the car lacquering.